Destination: Day Trip in the St. Croix Valley

S T.  |  C R O I X  |  R I V E R  |  V A L L E Y

Minnesota & Wisconsin

Here in the Midwest we don’t have mountains in our backyard, but we do our best with what we have. Last week I found some awesome trails in the St. Croix River Valley at William O’Brien State Park and Interstate Park. Located just an hour outside of the Twin Cities these parks make for the perfect day trip escape.

William O’Brien State Park:

The park is located right on the water offering stunning hiking, canoeing and kayaking adventures. There are 100 camping sites in case you are feeling spontaneous and want to escape the busy city.

This State Park is known for the wildlife and bird watching. Whether you are on the trail or in the water, there is a good chance you will see a variety of wildlife. Lake Alice is situated right in the heart of the park offering a great place to swim. The Minnesota DNR highly discourages swimming in the river due to strong currents.

Check out the photos below for a sneak peak!

Interstate Park:

This park includes both side of the St. Croix Valley which offers trails and adventures in Minnesota and Wisconsin. Again, located just an hour outside of the Twin Cities, this park is an easy getaway to escape the city for the day.

The Minnesota river bank is home to three major trails, each filled with history and stunning views of the river valley. I hiked the Sandstone Bluffs Trail which winds you up and through gorgeous sandstone and ends at a trickling waterfall. The Railroad Trail and River Trail will lead you along the river bank with over four miles of trail.

Both the Minnesota and Wisconsin Parks offer campsites and rock climbing. Taylor’s Falls is known among the Twin Cities for climbing due to its close proximity.

Pack up the car and gear – I think you just found your next day trip!


Happy Hiking!



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