Black Coffee + Waffle Bar

B L A C K | C O F F E E   +   W A F F L E | B A R


I love coffee. If any of you follow my Pinterest page, you know I have an entire board dedicated to espresso.

Black Coffee and Waffle Bar in St. Paul, MN, combines yummy artisan espresso with gourmet waffles. A simple concept that will make you wonder…why didn’t I think of this?!

The cafe occupies the corner of Cretin Ave N and Marshall Ave. From the sidewalk, you can smell the sweet aroma of fresh waffles and coffee in the air. Stark white subway tile offsets the commanding black wall hosting the minimal menu. Rose gold pendants, succulents and hand written chalkboard signs throughout provide warmth.

Leather booths, bar tops, and tables provide varying seating options to accommodate your preference. Post up at the espresso bar to watch the barista construct and design your order.

I ordered the Fat Andrew waffle featuring peanut butter, cinnamon sugar, bananas and whipped cream. Yum!

BONUS: they have a parking lot in back!

Watch the barista craft your espresso at the bar.
Fat Andrew Waffle
Order Here
Artisan Espresso
Coffee-to-go if you are too busy to take a seat.



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  1. The fat andrew waffle looks like it doesnt disappoint! OMG, I must be hungry because I want one now! If I’m ever in MN I will look this place up for sure!

  2. Guilty as charge – I also can’t help to take photos of nice cafes I’ve visited 🙂 And the funny thing is, most cafes in my areas are quite an tourist attraction 🙂

  3. The name of the place is pretty cool, and who wouldn’t want to go to place dedicated to waffles and coffee. YUMM.

  4. Ooooh that waffle looked AMAZING! This waffle bar looks like it’s right up my alley. If I’m ever in the area I know where to go!

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