Farmers Market: Minneapolis

F A R M E R S | M A R K E T

M I N N E A P O L I S | L Y N D A L E

There are more than 30 farmers markets and market places operating in Minneapolis. The Minneapolis Farmers Market, located at 312 E Lyndale Avenue North, is one of the largest open air markets in the Upper Midwest. It’s safe to say this market offers more than just fruits and veggies. There are clothing vendors, artists, live music and espresso stands throughout. 

I recommend going early in the morning to secure a parking spot, avoiding the crowd and getting first pick of the goods. Grab an organic coffee from a local vendor and peruse the avenues to scout out the best produce with the best price. Hint: the best prices tend to be the furthest away from the entrance, most people don’t make it all the way to the back but it’s the hidden gem. 

Parking can be tricky if you decide to sleep in and show up a little later. If you have an SUV, many people will hop the curb and park wherever space is available. Other options are to bike or walk if you are staying somewhere close enough. 

Daily hours are from 6am – 1pm. The market is open year round but only daily May – November. A great place to buy your Christmas tree next year!

For more information you can check out the website or Facebook page. There is even a map of the neighborhood markets here, a fun way to explore the neighborhoods of the city. 

Don’t forget your re-usable bag!

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