The Ultimate Guide To Visiting Caye Caulker, Belize

Planning a trip to Belize? You MUST visit the island of Caye Caulker, and below is everything you need to know about the island.

1. You made it off the water taxi, now what?!

The island is so small, all you need is a bicycle. Most have a basket on the front for you to keep your speaker, Belikins, and beach towel. That’s all you need anyways, right?!

Watch out for potholes!

2. Worried about what to eat on the island?

Trust me, you won’t be disappointed. There is good food wherever you go. Check out my post on how to Eat Like A Local at some of the best places on the island!

3. Explore the other side of the island!

You’re probably going to spend most of your time on the main drag of the island.  However!! Don’t completely blow off the West side of the island quite yet.

The West side of Caye Caulker has some amazing sunset restaurants with tables and chairs right on the water. There is a seahorse sanctuary where you can always find several of them floating around. Make sure to check it out before you leave!

4. Snorkeling…you don’t have an option. It’s happening.

Belize is home to the world’s second largest Barrier Reef and Caye Caulker is just minutes away from Hol Chan, a protected marine reserve. Within 4 hours we were able to witness a friendly sea turtle, barracuda, eel, hundreds of fishes, coral reef, lobsters, sharks, and stingrays.

The water is very clear and the marine life is so diverse, it will not disappoint. In fact, we loved it so much that we booked a second tour before the trip was over. Look for a later blog post on more of our snorkeling adventures!

5. Happy Hour & Nightlife

Going out on the island is a lot of fun!  Since the island is so small, when/if you decide to let your hair down one night be prepared to make a lot of friends.

The nightlife starts at The Sports Bar until it closes at midnight. Then, everyone in the bar will walk down the street together to The I & I, open until 2am.

When The I & I closes you have two choices: move to The West Bay or go to bed. I suggest the latter, personally. The West Bay is far away and is a tiny little shack on the back of the island.

If you’re feeling risky, or frisky, ask a local for directions to keep the party going!

This is all of the nightlife you’ll find on Caye Caulker. If you are looking for nightclubs and a larger party, I would suggest going to San Pedro on Ambergris Caye

6. Sunset Secrets

Ok, this is truly a secret. There is a bar above a bed and breakfast that is one of the highest buildings on the island. The drinks are expensive, but the view of the sunset is priceless. The bar only has room for about 12 and you’ll probably only find two or three others up there.

How to get there? This is where it gets tricky…

– Turn when you see the Caye Caulker Shopping Mart mural.

– Stop just before the soccer field and walk along the side of the buildings. (Note: if you passed the soccer field, you’ve gone too far)

– There is an iron gate on your left with a wooden plaque that says, “Yocamatsu: Caribbean Bed and Breakfast”.  Enter here and take the stairs all the way to the top!

7. The Sip N Dip = Best Bar on the Island. Period.

I don’t know why I saved this little gem for number seven. It was top-ranking in my book.

I know you’ve probably already searched Instagram for “#cayecaulker” to see what is waiting for you. The bar with the inner tubes, swing set, hammocks, and volleyball net in the water….yeah, that’s the Sip N Dip.

All of those things exist, and it’s even better in person! This bar is truly all about having a good time, relaxing, and enjoying Belize. At sunset, we sat on the end of the dock and saw a shark, stingray, and some other tropical fish swimming underneath our toes. You’re going to want to post every picture possible at this place! Cheers!

8. Belikin is the official beer of Belize, and it’s good!

It won’t take you long to find a cold Belikin in your hand. If you’re looking for something to sip on while you casually wander around the island, grab one, add a lime and you’re on your way.

The bartender might give you a weird look when “adding a lime”, but trust me, it’s worth it!

9. A working ATM….kind of important…

Worried about where to take out cash? Here’s a tip, the Atlantic Bank is located on the Back Street across from Maria’s Laundry Service and has 2 functioning ATM’s.

My own experience in Belize was that most ATM’s either don’t work, don’t accept your card, or are out of cash.

10. Get to know the locals!!

I know this is your vacation, but the people who live and work on this island really are what gives Caye Caulker such charm! Everyone is so friendly, you won’t be disappointed. I’m just sayin’, they’re pretty awesome….


This is a long post, and I still feel like I have more to share! Comment below if you have anything to add about your experience on Caye Caulker!

Happy Travels!


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